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Design & Planning

Through attentive listening, we make sure to understand what is important to your company’s success—how to project your company’s image; how to attract and retain employee; how to make the space efficient and functional, for present use and continuous change. We will then put to work our knowledge, skills and technology to develop a plan that aims at optimizing your facility; we submit and revise until it meets your approval.

This process includes the following aspects:

  • Space planning

  • Detailed furniture specification

  • Furniture fabric and finish selection

  • Installation

  • Drawing

  • Furniture reconfiguration

  • Inventory utilization

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Project Management

The entire process is orchestrated by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget. We integrate PBI team with our outside partners to map out the course of every project, identify every conceivable detail to bring the project to successful completion.

The following are part of our project management process:

  • Budgeting

  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Manpower, equipment and delivery scheduling

  • Contingency planning / back-up manpower, equipment and furniture resources

  • Site / plan checks to insure installation requirements

  • On-site installation supervisors

  • Trade coordination meetings

  • Punch list development and resolution

  • Project completion and quality control


Delivery & Installation

At PBI we are committed to make the last mile an agreeable one. Virtual office is not what we do. What we do happens in every day office reality, with a client committed to its full work schedule. For PBI it is all about logistics—planning, scheduling, men, vehicles and equipment. It is a beautiful thing when everything works like a Swiss watch and, it is a nightmare of wasted time, money and emotions when it doesn’t.

With this in mind, PBI is very selective when it comes to its installation partners. PBI installation team is composed of seasoned commercial grade furniture installation specialists and highly qualified project foreman with over 25 years of experience in the field.



Moving into a new space? Need to reconfigure existing workstations and offices? PBI can assist in every step of the way. A space planner will meet with you and make an inventory of existing furniture. PBI has the CAD capacity to create a new layout, make an inventory of your existing products and parts, and assess new product parts to be purchased.

This will be followed with several carefully prepared layout options to choose from. The installation team will reconfigure the furniture as planned.



Relocation Management is handled in concert with our project management team and our installers, and mover’s partners. It is all about efficiency, details, and communication.


Planning stage

First and foremost we begin with careful planning. Our Team identifies key employees, vendors, and consultants, and includes them in the planning stage.

It is at this stage that, we will evaluate the furniture situation, whether there is a need for new furniture or reconfiguration of existing furniture, and we will work with you to integrate them into the move schedule, to provide seamless services.

The challenge is to getting businesses and government offices back up and running in record time. It is with this goal in mind that we orchestrate the move plan, from custom employee communications, to move day logistics; we take care of all details so you can take care of business.

Pre-move process

Several days prior to the move, employees receive customized packets. Each packet contains information about the move, new location plans, box labels, and instructions on how to pack, and what to pack. Should questions or problems arise, we include extensive “who to call” lists and make ourselves available via phone or email. Throughout the move, our project manager is available on site.


Moves can be phased, or done after hours, overnight or on weekends. Our team is prepared to coordinate the entire event. We ensure building administrators are notified, all contents are “move-ready”, and that Information Technology teams are standing by for “take-down” and “re-install”.


The first day employees occupy their new home, a PBI team of installers and technicians works on-site to take care of any desired on-the-spot adjustments, and troubleshoot any minor issues that arise.




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Under our GSA contract # GS-27F-0028W, we provide a complete office package, to be purchased from one single source supplier, in one purchase order. Any office requirement from floor to ceiling will be fulfilled under this contract.


Offers additional products under the following GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule


PBI is small, woman owned business, graduated from being 8 a Certified by the small business administration: MDOT, MBE DBE Certification NO. 10-239

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